Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well I've Been A Busy Bee Today! My House Is Now Immaculate!! Its Really Nice But...Only Problem Is I've Really Done My Back In Now It Hurts So Bad :(
So I Rang My Mummy Like I Always Do Lol And She Thinks I Might Have Sciatica (Not Good)
So I'm Going To Rest Up Tomorrow As I Will Have Nothing To Do.

On A Brighter Note My Dad Is Coming To See Me On His Way Back From A Job Interview So Good Luck Dad Got Fingers Crossed For You.
My Black Wheelie Bin Has Finally Been Emptied After 6 Weeks!! Bloody Bin Men!
Funniest And Painful Thing Happened Today.... I Was Sorting Out All The Paperwork That Was Piled In My Kitchen Junk Drawer... I Know Every House Has One...Anyway And Next Thing I Know I Have A Kitten's Claw Stuck In My Knee!! My Kitten Bella Decided She Want To Go Mountaineering Up My Flippen Leg Lol.

Not Much Else Happened Today Really Marks Dad Came Down For An Hour While Mark Was Out Had A Chat About Life Lol
Well I Am Going To Sign Off Now As I Need To Get My Kittens Tired And To Sleep So I Can Go Bed Lol.
Chat Tomorrow


  1. gettig the hang of it now sam, love the glitter signature.. well done.
    love mum xx

  2. cool design!
    watch out for junk drawers you will end up with more than one!