Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Early Mornings!

Even Though I've Only Had 2 Hours Sleep,I Feel More Wide Awake Than If I've Had 10 Hours.
Well Marks (My Partner) Gone Of To Do His Security Course,Will Be Gone Till At Least 5. :(( Going To Weird All Week Not Having Him here, Feels Weird Having The House To Myself Really Lol.
Well Seen As This Is The First Time I've Done A Blog Ill Write A Little About Myself. My Name Is Samantha,But Liked To Be Called Sammi. I'm 20 Years Young And Have A Really Bright Bubbly Personality.
I'm Not Going To Describe What I Look Like As I Don't Want To Sound Like I'm Advertising On A Dating Service Lol.
I Will Tell You That I Have My Own House(Never Thought Id Say That Sentence Lol)
I Share My House With Mark,My 2 Kittens Skye And Bella,My 2 Turtles Toby And Tank,My 2 Rats Simon And Arthur And Last But Not Least My Hamster Tubsy.
Don't Think I Can Say Much Else Really,I Did Kinda Plan That I Was Going To Scrub My House Today From Top To Bottom, As We Only Moved In 6 Weeks Ago And Both Bedrooms Are Still Not Sorted Lol.
Right This Minute At 9:10am Tubsy Is Dragging Her Bedding Up The Tube In Her Cage To Her Bed, Simon Is Asleep On The Highest Ledge In His Cage As He Has Falling Out With Arthur,Toby And Tank Are Fast Asleep On Their Rock And Skye And Bella Are Driving Me Crazy. There Sisters And If Their Not Sleeping Or Eating All They Do Is Run Around Fighting Or Scratching My Leather Sofa Or Me!
Well I'm Going To Go Watch GMTV For A Bit Then Get Some Music On And Start This Cleaning I'm Supposed To Be Doing,Moving Heavy Stuff Is Not Good When You Have A Bad Back Lol.
Ill Check In Later And Let Yas Know How Its Going.
Speak Later > :) <

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