Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Late Nights!

Well Everything That I Wanted To Do Today Got Done Thanks To My Big Strong Bf Lol
My Bedroom Is Now Sorted Out And So Is The Spare Room Woop Woop!!

Just Got A Wardrobe Full of Washing To Get Through ARGHHHH
Marks Just Moaned As He Wants To Come Back On The Computer But Instead He Is Playing MW2 Till 11,Then I Am Going To Watch Big Brother Lol
Its Actually Really Funny,Now That He Plays Call Of Duty So Much Even My Cats Are Getting Into All Of This Computer Stuff Like Bella,Waiting For Her Turn On The Xbox

Or Skye Picking Out What CD She Wants To Listen Too

Lol There Little Buggers They've Just Woken Up And Now Are Going To Be Awake For Hours Fighting And Playing And Chasing Each Other Around The House Per Usual Lol

I Might Have A Full On Movie Day Tomorrow After I Clean the Kitchen And Living Room Lol I Also Have To Change The Rats Bedding!!!! So Looks Like The Pillow Case Is Coming Out Lol
I Was Looking Through My Friends List Today And Came Across A Friend Who Is No Longer With Me.....
Aimee Garnett
Sadly She Died A Little Under A Year Ago Of Swine Flu At Only 19! She Is An Absolute Gorgeous Girl And I Miss Her Everyday. Love You Loads Aimz xxxx

Also I Cant Belive Cheryl Cole Has Malaria The Poor Woman I Hope She Gets Better Love Her Loads. Get Well Soon Chez xxxx


  1. love pic of kitten on CD tingy and even he one of the other one on xbox coooooooooool lol