Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well I've Been A Busy Bee Today! My House Is Now Immaculate!! Its Really Nice But...Only Problem Is I've Really Done My Back In Now It Hurts So Bad :(
So I Rang My Mummy Like I Always Do Lol And She Thinks I Might Have Sciatica (Not Good)
So I'm Going To Rest Up Tomorrow As I Will Have Nothing To Do.

On A Brighter Note My Dad Is Coming To See Me On His Way Back From A Job Interview So Good Luck Dad Got Fingers Crossed For You.
My Black Wheelie Bin Has Finally Been Emptied After 6 Weeks!! Bloody Bin Men!
Funniest And Painful Thing Happened Today.... I Was Sorting Out All The Paperwork That Was Piled In My Kitchen Junk Drawer... I Know Every House Has One...Anyway And Next Thing I Know I Have A Kitten's Claw Stuck In My Knee!! My Kitten Bella Decided She Want To Go Mountaineering Up My Flippen Leg Lol.

Not Much Else Happened Today Really Marks Dad Came Down For An Hour While Mark Was Out Had A Chat About Life Lol
Well I Am Going To Sign Off Now As I Need To Get My Kittens Tired And To Sleep So I Can Go Bed Lol.
Chat Tomorrow

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Late Nights!

Well Everything That I Wanted To Do Today Got Done Thanks To My Big Strong Bf Lol
My Bedroom Is Now Sorted Out And So Is The Spare Room Woop Woop!!

Just Got A Wardrobe Full of Washing To Get Through ARGHHHH
Marks Just Moaned As He Wants To Come Back On The Computer But Instead He Is Playing MW2 Till 11,Then I Am Going To Watch Big Brother Lol
Its Actually Really Funny,Now That He Plays Call Of Duty So Much Even My Cats Are Getting Into All Of This Computer Stuff Like Bella,Waiting For Her Turn On The Xbox

Or Skye Picking Out What CD She Wants To Listen Too

Lol There Little Buggers They've Just Woken Up And Now Are Going To Be Awake For Hours Fighting And Playing And Chasing Each Other Around The House Per Usual Lol

I Might Have A Full On Movie Day Tomorrow After I Clean the Kitchen And Living Room Lol I Also Have To Change The Rats Bedding!!!! So Looks Like The Pillow Case Is Coming Out Lol
I Was Looking Through My Friends List Today And Came Across A Friend Who Is No Longer With Me.....
Aimee Garnett
Sadly She Died A Little Under A Year Ago Of Swine Flu At Only 19! She Is An Absolute Gorgeous Girl And I Miss Her Everyday. Love You Loads Aimz xxxx

Also I Cant Belive Cheryl Cole Has Malaria The Poor Woman I Hope She Gets Better Love Her Loads. Get Well Soon Chez xxxx

The Early Afternoon!

Well Let Me See...I Was Supposed To Be Doing A Clean Of My House But,I Tried Moving A Very Heavy Wardrobe On My Own And, My Back Went :(.
So Now Instead I've Watched The Little Mermaid,Lady And The Tramp,Dumbo And Now I'm Watching Harry Potter 1-6 Lol.

Was Really Happy Earlier My Lovely Fella Just Came Home For His Lunch Break :) And He Has promised To Help Me Sort Out The Bedroom's Later Lol
Got My Best Friend Ryan Coming Around Later,Think He Is Stopping Here Tonight.

Bella And Skye Are Both Fast Asleep (Thank God) Lol

Well I Am Going To Go And Cook My Lunch......Chicken,Bacon And Cheese In A Barbeque Sauce Yummyyyy

Ill Catch Up With Yas All Later > :) <

The Early Mornings!

Even Though I've Only Had 2 Hours Sleep,I Feel More Wide Awake Than If I've Had 10 Hours.
Well Marks (My Partner) Gone Of To Do His Security Course,Will Be Gone Till At Least 5. :(( Going To Weird All Week Not Having Him here, Feels Weird Having The House To Myself Really Lol.
Well Seen As This Is The First Time I've Done A Blog Ill Write A Little About Myself. My Name Is Samantha,But Liked To Be Called Sammi. I'm 20 Years Young And Have A Really Bright Bubbly Personality.
I'm Not Going To Describe What I Look Like As I Don't Want To Sound Like I'm Advertising On A Dating Service Lol.
I Will Tell You That I Have My Own House(Never Thought Id Say That Sentence Lol)
I Share My House With Mark,My 2 Kittens Skye And Bella,My 2 Turtles Toby And Tank,My 2 Rats Simon And Arthur And Last But Not Least My Hamster Tubsy.
Don't Think I Can Say Much Else Really,I Did Kinda Plan That I Was Going To Scrub My House Today From Top To Bottom, As We Only Moved In 6 Weeks Ago And Both Bedrooms Are Still Not Sorted Lol.
Right This Minute At 9:10am Tubsy Is Dragging Her Bedding Up The Tube In Her Cage To Her Bed, Simon Is Asleep On The Highest Ledge In His Cage As He Has Falling Out With Arthur,Toby And Tank Are Fast Asleep On Their Rock And Skye And Bella Are Driving Me Crazy. There Sisters And If Their Not Sleeping Or Eating All They Do Is Run Around Fighting Or Scratching My Leather Sofa Or Me!
Well I'm Going To Go Watch GMTV For A Bit Then Get Some Music On And Start This Cleaning I'm Supposed To Be Doing,Moving Heavy Stuff Is Not Good When You Have A Bad Back Lol.
Ill Check In Later And Let Yas Know How Its Going.
Speak Later > :) <