Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Early Afternoon!

Well Let Me See...I Was Supposed To Be Doing A Clean Of My House But,I Tried Moving A Very Heavy Wardrobe On My Own And, My Back Went :(.
So Now Instead I've Watched The Little Mermaid,Lady And The Tramp,Dumbo And Now I'm Watching Harry Potter 1-6 Lol.

Was Really Happy Earlier My Lovely Fella Just Came Home For His Lunch Break :) And He Has promised To Help Me Sort Out The Bedroom's Later Lol
Got My Best Friend Ryan Coming Around Later,Think He Is Stopping Here Tonight.

Bella And Skye Are Both Fast Asleep (Thank God) Lol

Well I Am Going To Go And Cook My Lunch......Chicken,Bacon And Cheese In A Barbeque Sauce Yummyyyy

Ill Catch Up With Yas All Later > :) <

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